Training Services

  1. ICT training services and learning solutions:

Variety of specialized training services including ICT strategic planning, consultancy and audit, ICT implementation and administration technologies, security, networking and infrastructure

Our small classes, customized instruction, and comprehensive learning resources help participants improve their professional skills quickly and effectively.

GHAYA’s dedicated and experienced training professionals strengths are:

  • Paying personal attention that encourages and motivates every participant
  • Practical experiences in professional education, practical orientation, and technology consultation
  • Long experience in training technology- and theory- oriented science


  1. 2.    Training Needs Assessment and Training Plans Preparation


The objective of training needs assessment is to assist training management team in designing an appropriate methodology to recognize institutional, operational and subjective training needs for all levels of an organizational structure. Then, selecting the appropriate tools to observe, classify, and organize these needs in a form of an integrated training plan.


  1. 3.    Training Impact Evaluation


Designing efficient measurement tools to analyze the impact of training within the target period and evaluate the impact on duties and responsibilities of staff. Accordingly, an accurate report will be provided to the management team on how to proceed with developing the training operation starting from planning and ending in executing training programs.


  1. 4.    Internal Training System Design


Prepare procedural guides that assist internal training managements in executing their activities and operations, in an interactive and organized way. Such guides cover the main tasks for internal training management unit as in: training needs classification, preparing training plans, design training programs, develop training packages and trainers selection (evaluation of training offers) …etc.


  1. 5.    Training Centers Development


This service encompasses performance evaluation of training centers, developing plans to enhance performance, build its capabilities, and assist in designing long-term strategic plans.


  1. 6.    Training Packages and Guides


This support service entails providing training solutions to training centers, trainers and organizations that fund and supervise training and Rehabilitation projects in preparing and developing training packages and catalogs that trainers use in executing training programs. This service aims to increase efficiency and effectiveness of training programs by implementing the desired targets of these programs.


  1. 7.    Internal Training Unit Restructuring and Development


GHAYA Recognizes the importance of enhancing the performance of internal training units in accordance with objectives set out in the organization’s strategic plan. We provide clients with consultations on the implementation of organizational re-constructing and re-engineering of human resources unites.


  1. 8.    Designed Training  for competing in the Arab Excellence Awards


GHAYA assists in evaluating the level of performance and designing a road map for governmental and non-governmental organizations to become a candidate for Excellence Awards.


1.1         Training Courses (Sample)


  1. 1.      Project Management
  • PMP: Project Management Professional
  • PMO: Project Management Office
  • EPM: Enterprise Project Management
  • MS Project 2007 Professional
  • MS Project 2007 Server


  1. 2.      Information Technology


  • Paperless Management: Towards E-Institutions
  • E-commerce Basics
  • Security and Confidentiality of Information, Documents, Files and Computer Use
  • Websites Design


  1. 3.      Management: Human Resources


  • Modern Strategies in Human Resources Management
  • Human Recourses Expert
  • Training Needs assessment processes
  • Training of Trainers (TOT(
  • Privatization and it’s Impact on Human Resources in Public Sector


  1. 4.      Management: Selling and Marketing


  • Marketing Strategy and Selling Skills
  • Conducting Marketing Research to Explore New Marketing Opportunities
  • Marketing and Selling for customer service professionals
  • Modern Marketing Approaches to Profit Maximization


  1. 5.      Management: Behavioral and Administrative Skills


  • Intelligence of  Creative Skills
  • Transforming Thoughts into Work Projects
  • Advanced Skills in Hospitals and Health Institutions
  • Indexing and Managing Documents and Files and Archiving
  • Art of Elocution, Speech and Discourse
  • Linguistic Neural Programming (NLP)
  • Art of Commercial Negotiation


  1. 6.      Management: Managing Organizational Development


  • SME’s Growth + Development
  • Environmental Analysis System (SWOT Analysis(
  • Strategic Planning and Balanced Score Cards (BSC(
  • Six Sigma Applications
  • Administrative and Financial Anti-Corruption




  1. 7.      Human Resource Management


  • Certified Professional in Human Resources PHR
  • Certified Senior Professional in Human Resources SPHR





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