Consultancy Services

  1. ICT Advisory and consulting services:

Provide professional and comprehensive solution to clients in such a highly competitive and rapidly changing market where no generic view or strategy of ICT that an organization can adopt to meet its unique needs and requirements:

  • Procurement and vendor management service
  • Business requirement, TOR and RFP preparation, short-listing, evaluation of bids, vendor selection and supervision of implementation
  • Project and program management – with detailed business function/processes assessments and definitions to help design a complete management information system through mapping key business functions to technical system specifications. We proceed with preparing the required RFP, TOR, Evaluation Criteria and Contract within an MIS vendor context
  • Strategic technology planning (in-sourcing/outsourcing and technology acquisition) – by assisting our clients in developing a coherent process for effective, well-informed technology decision-making being an internal solution or an external one requiring interaction and analysis of different systems from different vendors.
  • Performance measurement/systems tuning and optimization – performing analysis tests and tune client’s systems to get the highest performance from servers, storage, network and database engines
  • Infrastructure and networking – assisting clients in acquiring the best suited hardware and network setup in a cost-effective selection, providing better scalability and professional implementation and testing. Furthermore, we review client’s systems, bandwidth usage patterns, web servers, firewalls and application servers in addition to other factors that affect system performance.


  1. ICT Audit services:

 Add professional and economic value and ensure integrity, reliability and performance

IT audit – auditing information systems by benchmarking on international standards and best practice models while utilizing automated tools to perform complete Application Testing and Database auditing and mining

  • Security audit – measuring risks by evaluating security policy, security practices, including: implementation, access control, audit ability, authorization, system maintenance, monitoring, network topology, encryption and much more. GHAYA offers a full-service of IT security solutions backed up with outstanding technical expertise, in addition to automated audit and analysis tools
  • Application audit – verifying that systems and applications are appropriate to the organization’s needs, are efficient, and are adequately controlled according to international standards to ensure valid, reliable, timely, and secure input, processing, and output at all levels of a system’s activity
  • Software assessment management – providing a comprehensive inventory of applications, interfaces, and data relationships, which exist within their systems environment.
  • Quality assurance and IT evaluation – by committing to quality, we ensure that all products, services and processes are up to the highest standards in order for organizations to survive and thrive in today’s competitive world. Our quality services cover design, development, production, installation, servicing and documentation.


  1. ICT Software services:

offer a spectrum of customized software solutions in business, government, education, and commerce tailored to best fit evolving ICT needs and aligned with changing business objectives

  • Software solution – Web application design, e-Solutions, e-Government services, Portal design and service integration, education management systems, decision support systems
  • Application support services – Extensive knowledge of business related solutions and processes, enables us to provide ERP support, consultancy and implementation services to integrate within firms all facets of business, including planning, manufacturing, sales, marketing, inventory control, order tracking, customer service, finance and human resources
  • E-document management and archiving – Every organization has extensive needs for collaboration, within not only its own confines but also crossing organizational boundaries to other departments and business partners. Management and archiving tools are broadening to include document management, electronic forms, workflow and email, archiving and project scheduling.
  • System integration – solutions oriented approach to fit existing ICT installations and integrates with legacy applications for consistency, integrity, scalability, and reliability.




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